About Us

Big Bend Filipino-American Association, Inc.


The Big Bend Filipino-American Association, Inc. (BBFAA) is a 501(3)c nonprofit corporation based in Tallahassee, Florida. It was organized in 1981 in Chattahoochee, Florida with the goal of fostering cultural and social ties between the Filipinos and the community at large while generating resources towards charity and humanitarian causes. From its inception, the BBFAA has grown significantly over the years due partly to the influx of new immigrants. Various activities were embarked upon, to include cultural, civic, social and economic involvement in the community.

(1) To engage and support charitable, educational, and humanitarian causes
(2) To promote close cultural, social, and economic ties between Filipinos and Americans
(3) To preserve and promote Filipino and American culture; and
(4) To participate in community activities consistent with the goals of the Association.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Big Bend Filipino-American Association (BBFAA) welcomes individuals who are interested in the Philippines and the Filipino culture, regardless of ethnic origin. Being part of the bigger community, we believe that diversity is crucial to a strong society. We strive to uplift the status of ethnic minorities through education and promoting awareness of under-represented groups. With its increased and continued participation in the community, the BBFAA will play a vital role in understanding and instilling cultural diversity within the community.

Kaisahan, Bayanihan, Damayan.
Unity, Cooperation, Involvement.

History of the BBFAA