The Verses of Taníng (Mga Tula ni Dr. Taning)

It is not often that anyone would find in a Filipino publication in United States poems written in Pilipino language. We took pride in having with us the magical poetic talent of Dr. Cayetano Santos whose literary works consistently graced the pages of Tambuli. Known to friends as Taníng, Dr. Santos hailed from Plaridel, a small town in Bulacan in Luzon island. The province of Bulacan is central to the Tagalog dialect, the basis of Pilipino language. The province has given birth to prominent poets in history, notably the Prince of Filipino Poetry himself, Francisco Balagtas. In the early days of radio, one of the most popular programs in the Philippines is called “Balagtasan”, a “poetic joust”, where two contestants debate and argue on an issue by exhanging verses extemporaneously. This form of entertainment which had kept the old folks glued to the airwaves, has long been gone but never the desire of Filipinos to hear the resonating rhyme of the dialect.   Tula is the Filipino word for poem.  Do enjoy these Filipino poems or Mga Tula in Filipino exclusive on this site.

Whether it is a tribute to a lost friend or a relative, a call for a political or social change, a hope for the future, jokes, whimsical musing or opinionated ranting, Taning’s poems never cease to entertain. They could make you laugh or make you sad. They could make you burst in anger. They can get you involved. They remind you of life back home. They challenge you on controversial issues. Certainly, Taníng’s deep well of ideas are skillfully crafted into powerful bait of words ready to capture the attention of unsuspecting reader.

These works are not for sale and the BBFAA reserves the copyrights and ownership. As a showcase of our Filipino talent, they are reproduced here to be enjoyed by anybody who still cherish the beauty of well-crafted verses.

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